Frequently Asked Questions

Q:        Does one have to be Swiss-born to be eligible for membership inthe NHS?

A:        No. Although the majority of NHS members were either born in Switzerland or have at least one parent of Swiss origin, the NHS will consider applications from anybody with links to Switzerland or a general interest in Swiss culture.


Q:        How many members does the Society have?

A:        Our member count varies between 270 and 310. Our membership consists of FAMILY MEMBERSHIP,      SINGLE MEMBERSHIP and PASSIVE MEMBERSHIP. We mail about 200 invitations for our events.


Q:        What does membership in the NHS cost?

A:        A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP is $30, a SINGLE MEMBERSHIP is $20, and a PASSIVE MEMBERSHIP is $15, with a $5 discount if paid before the end of August.


Q:        What is a “PASSIVE MEMBERSHIP”?

A:        This is a membership level for which invitations are received, event participation is encouraged but voting on business or club matters is not permitted.


Q:        Does the Society have families with young children?

A:        Our major events (First of August celebration and Christmas Party) attract about 15 families who bring their children (ages up to 12) along. We have between 20 and 30 children in that age group.


Q:        What other Swiss Societies (Clubs) are active in the Greater Delaware Valley?

A:        Swiss Club of the Jersey Shore, Swiss Benevolent Society of Philadelphia


Q:        Does the Society organize events directed towards teenagers and children?

A:        All our events are open to any age group and we always welcome younger generations. Our August and Christmas events are very popular with children.


Q:        Where are the NHS events located? And does the Society have a clubhouse?

A:        As we do not have an actual permanent location or clubhouse, our events usually take place in the Delaware Valley tri-state area. We try to schedule them at a relatively central site.


Q:        How can a Swiss or Local Business get involved with the Society?

A:        The Society always welcomes contributions and sponsorships from Local or Swiss Businesses. We solicit and appreciate advertisements for our special events.


Q:        Are contributions to the Society tax deductible?

A:        No. The NHS is not a 501(c)(3) organization. Any contributions received are put into the general fund to be used toward upcoming events.


Q:        What is the average cost of an NHS event?

A:        This varies from event to event but is usually not more than $30 (per adult) and may be subsidized. Most events cost less.


Q:        What do I need to do to join the Jass- or Hiking Group?

A:        We suggest reviewing the JASS or HIKING pages on our website and contact the email or phone number listed.


Q:             How can I become more involved with the NHS?

A:              Volunteers at events are always welcomed! We encourage participation, especially in bringing food items to share with other members. In addition, serving as a Board member is also an option if there is a position open.


Q:             How can I become a Board member? And when is your Annual Meeting?

A:              Per its by-laws, the NHS Annual Meeting takes place in April. Submissions for Board candidacy should be submitted to the President and/or Secretary. Voting for approval generally only takes place by the membership present at the Annual Meeting.