General Assembly Meeting

The society’s only business related event is the Annual General Assembly Meeting. Per bylaws, it needs to take place during the month of April each year.

Meeting locations are not always easy to select since this should be the event which provides an opportunity for all members to be present. This meeting is normally combined with a lunch or brunch at a popular location.

In preparation of this important event, the board gathers all information that needs to be included in the Annual Report. Officers (President, Treasurer and Auditors as well as Secretaries) present their reports during the meeting. The Assembly votes on all reports and approves the financial statement. The Nominating Committee presents committed board members as well as possible new candidates for elections. The President and all board members are elected annually by the attending members. The Treasurer proposes the amount of membership dues for the coming year, which again needs to be approved by the assembly. There is time for members to ask questions or make suggestions before the conclusion of the meeting.

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