Maurice Rohrbach Fund

Swiss – American Cultural Exchange

The Maurice Rohrbach Fund is a subsidiary of the NHS. The mission of the MRF is to foster mutual understanding between the Swiss and American cultures by sponsoring public exhibitions and performances of art and culture from Switzerland in the Greater Philadelphia area, as well as art and culture from the USA in Switzerland.

For further information, contact the MRF President, Luciano Mueller, via phone: 609-895-6961 or via email:

Donations are always welcome. Please make check out to “MRF” and mail to Dolf Herger, 142 Commonwealth Drive, Newtown, PA 18940. The Maurice Rohrbach Fund is a Non-Profit Organization (501) (c) (3) and all contributions are tax-deductible as specified by the IRS. Thank you for your generous support.

Past Events

Th MRF has supported events in the Philadelphia region for many years, including:

2012: 10/27
Ferdinand Hodler: Exhibition at the Neue Galerie in New York City

2010: 12/18
Swiss Mime group Mummenschanz at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia

2009:   3/19
The Founding Members propose to achieve Non-Profit Status 501 (C)(3) for the Swiss-AmericanCultural Exchange.

2006:    6/10
Grand opening of the “SWISS ROOTS” exhibition at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia where the original “Bundesbrief”, the Swiss Charter was on display till June 30th. This original document left its birthplace Switzerland, for the first time ever under highest security. It was a very successful event, ca. 30,000 people visited to see this ancient document of the oldest Democracy in the world.

2005:    6/26
An exhibition was an exchange between Zuerich, CH, based “Art Forum Ute Bath” and “Pentimenti” Galleries, entitled Criss-Cross. Works of 5 Swiss artists, namely, Maria Eitle-Vozar, Susanne Keller, Vera Rothamel, Judith Trepp and Karina Wisniewska were on display. While these artists were not present, American artists Richard Bottwin, Steven Baris and Kevin Finklea, also exhibitors at Pentimenti, answered questions and explained their works, their visions and ways of painting.

The only programs for the Fund to possibly sponsor this year were, unfortunately, beyond our budget. Other recent inquiries by Swiss artists arrived on such short notice which made it impossible to organize an event.

2003:    10/05
Pentimenti Gallery hosted an exhibition by Swiss artist from Solothurn Franco Mueller. He is inspired by the present “Solothurn – Biel Super Highway Contravention”. The following African Wine Tasting party was sponsored by Charles Jacquin’s Inc. Philadelphia.

2002:    4/21
Swiss artist H.A. Sigg exhibited recent paintings, sculptures and collages at the Rosemont College’s Lawrence Gallery. The Fund sponsored the reception and “Gallery Talk” by Margaret Mathews-Berenson, Guest Curator.

2002:    4/14
We had the pleasure of meeting Avery Gosfield, Co-Director of the Ensemble Lucidarium, Basel, Edwin George and Karen Meyers, the “Pan’s Fancy” Duet of Philadelphia. The Trio performed on ancient instruments namely the lute, hurdy-gurdy, historical bagpipe and recorder presenting a most wonderful concert of renaissance and Swiss medieval music.

2002:    03/02
The Ensemble Corund from Switzerland presented the Seven Motets by Johann Sebastian Bach in the Church of St. Martin’s in the Field Episcopal Church in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia. Reception arranged and sponsored by the Honorary Consul Franz Portmann and wife Rosemarie.

2001:    9/28
Percussion Duo “Selah” presents their repertoire at the Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA.

2001:    10/14
NHS Member Jeannine Maddox performs the World Premier of “Umi no Naka” (In the Sea) with the Delaware County Symphony at the Newman College Meagher Theater in Aston, PA.

2001:    12/15
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Church’s choir performing Messiah under the direction of Lee Milhous.

2000:    3/19
Reception and Lecture for the Thomas Hirschhorn exhibition from March 7-26.

2000:    6/27
Exhibition and Reception “The Sister Republics” at the Free Library in Philadelphia.

2000:    10/08
Basically Bach Concert Series with the Swiss Ensemble Corund at the St. Paul’s Church, in Philadelphia.

2000:    12/09
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Chamber Arts Guild.

1999:    5/26
Opening Reception and Lecture for the upcoming Dieter Roth exhibition from May 26, to July 30.

1999:    10/02
Classical Piano Concert with artist Brigitte Farner at the church of the Savior in Wayne, Pa. in memory of Mrs. Alice Finckh.

1999:    10/10
Franco Mueller, Exhibition at the Pentimenti Art Gallery.

1999:    12/11
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Chamber Arts Guild.

1998:    10/24
150th Anniversary of the Swiss Constitution. Gala Dinner Dance with the Swiss Benevolent Society at the Adam’s Mark Hotel. Guest of Honor Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rendell, Mayor of Philadelphia.

1998     12/12
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Chamber Arts Guild.

1997:    4/27
Percussionists Jeannine and Morgan Maddox perform as Duo Selah after the Annual Meeting at the Adam’s Mark Hotel in Philadelphia.

1997:    6/8
Art Exhibit “old world new world” at the Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia. Presented two first prizes to Marcus Gossolt and Urs Gerber.

1997:    12/13
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Chamber Arts Guild.

1996:    4/14
Concert by the World-Class Amati String Quartet from Switzerland at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Elkins Park, Pa.

1996:    12/14
Christmas Concert at the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church in Doylestown performed by the Chamber Arts Guild.

1988:    April
Appenzell Folk Music concert by Jodlerclub Alpenblume, Herisau at the Bourse in Philadelphia.

1986:   December
American concert celebratingthe 100th anniversary of the great Swiss composer Othmar Schoeck with Mezzo-Soprano Marion vander Loo accompanied by Peter Holm.

1986:   Spring
Exhibition of Bsel School of Graphic Design at the Moore College of Art.

1985:    Fall
American Premier Performance of the fabulous Trubadurs Sursilvians at the Bryn Mawr College.

1985:    July
Exhibition of the Du Simitiere Collection at the Library Company of Philadelphia.

1984:    December
Concert by Pianist Ruth Schmid-Gagnebin.

1984:    September
American Premiere Performance of the Cabaret Rotstift at the Cannstatter Volksfest Verein in Philadelphia.

1983:    April
Exhibition of the pioneering designs of Heinz Isler at the Foundation for Architecture.

1982:    August
Popular Concert of the acclaimed Laendlerkapelle Oberalp.

1982:    April
Exhibition on Swiss Photography at the Port of Hisory Museum.